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Willy Cummer

Position:Founder | Cannabinoid Coach
Experience:8 years
April 21, 2010 I registered November 2010 Arizona voters passed Proposition 203 for a State run medical marijuana program. April 2011 I completed training and education programs at both Greenway University and Cannabis Career Institute in advanced cultivation and business creation, focusing on Delivery logistics. May 2011 I registered Arizuana llc and developed a website for Arizona Medical Marijuana Program ID card holders. State approved residents began receiving id cards to distinguish them as qualified (qualifying condition to be recommended marijuana by a physician.) patients that can obtain marijuana at the new dispensaries about to open. Dispensaries did not begin operation for quite some time after patients began getting the green light to possess and consume marijuana. Without dispensaries to go to patients would seek out caregivers and other cultivating patients. June 2011 began ranking in online search engines for Arizona Marijuana Delivery, caregivers etc. As patients needed medication, I and others in my small collective would accommodate deliveries and assist in the cultivation of varied strains of cannabis. September 2011 I learned of an opportunity to further my cannabis knowledge and gain tenure in the industry with a community north of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. I relocated for a couple years to participate in the culture and industry with the highest concentration of cannabis growers in Canada. February 2014 I accepted a job to open a new State Licensed Dispensary Horizon THC in Phoenix Arizona as a Dispensary Agent/Budtender. June 2015 I resigned as Manager of Nature’s Medicines State licensed dispensary to continue creative development on a few brands. During and since my experiences growing marijuana, delivering to patients and managing dispensaries I became familiar with the many jobs in cannabis. While interacting with patients and friends I was frequently asked what jobs are available. To assist my friends in finding work or a passion I created a cannabis career network. In addition to aiding job seekers in employment by hosting resumes and matching them to 420 friendly employers I would often take the time to share my knowledge with those desirous to apply that knowledge. To better assist students in retaining knowledge or further develop a skill I created an online course structure to certify students in cannabis industry jobs. The Hemp Cannabis College Online cannabis courses to certify future workers in the medicinal and recreational marijuana industry. As I continue to gain experience in my own interests within cannabis I become familiar with others like me who have trade skills and knowledge that can improve the quality of life of those around us. THC College is a collaboration of cannabis minds bringing applied knowledge to the mainstream marijuana movement. January 2016 I began expanding my network of cannabis professionals by recruiting for a Cannabis Fitness brand and a 420 Friendly Dating Community
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