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Willy Cummer

Position:Founder | Cannabinoid Coach
Experience:8 years
During and since my experiences growing marijuana, delivering to patients and managing dispensaries I became familiar with the many jobs in cannabis. While interacting with patients and friends I was frequently asked what jobs are available. To assist my friends in finding work or a passion I created a cannabis career network. In addition to aiding job seekers in employment by hosting resumes and matching them to 420 friendly employers I would often take the time to share my knowledge with those desirous to apply that knowledge. To better assist students in retaining knowledge or further develop a skill I created an online course structure to certify students in cannabis industry jobs. The Hemp Cannabis College Online cannabis courses to certify future workers in the medicinal and recreational marijuana industry. As I continue to gain experience in my own interests within cannabis I become familiar with others like me who have trade skills and knowledge that can improve the quality of life of those around us.
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