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Joe Tubolino

Position:Reiki Master Teacher | Intuitive Consultant
​As I continued searching for myself, Reiki found me. I know the power of Reiki because it changed my world and now I want it to help change yours, and that’s why I founded Hug Your Roots (TM). Healing; a continuous process in life, Understanding; understanding is knowledge and knowledge is power, and Gratitude; appreciation of being a part of something bigger than YOU (greatness), because it’s not about you, it’s about US. Your roots are your foundation, it’s who you are. We have to nurture our roots so we can nurture the roots of others. A tree with an unhealthy root system uproots during a wind storm, so let’s allow the storms to pass. Storms are always swirling in our lives, our businesses, our minds, our emotions, and even our bodies, but blue skies are always above. Keep your vibe high, let's get higher, HYR Vibrations.
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